Wifi at 25,000 feet

We really are living in the future and I can’t help but hear the echoes of the Jetson’s theme song far off in the distance. This post shall serve as my first communiqué from a Boeing 737 enabled with wifi and I can’t help but feel like this is completely, mind blowingly amazing.

Editing together a #ThoughtLeadership video of one of our speakers in NYC recently while posting pictures of airplane wings gives a whole new meaning to being a one man band when you throw down the $8 for 4 hours of wifi.

flying and editing

PS – Yes, you get wifi. No, you don’t get to stream content. But who cares right? I’m sure that’ll be 2.0 of wifi on an airplane, right?

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In Her Shoes Trailer

2014_01_12 In Her Shoes thumbnail

Three years later after filming principal photography for the documentary “In Her Shoes” I was sent a link to the trailer. It’s always a weird feeling handing over footage to an editor and wondering what’s going to happen to it all, but in this case I’m super impressed and delighted to feel something from this story. Keep your eyes pealed for a screening in your town.

Thanks to the distribution company Films That Inspire, Brandy Amstel and Suezean Matarazzo for the opportunity to work on such a great project in Austin Texas.

Check out the Trailer here:


Brandy Amstel’s website is full of empowering content:


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My how things have changed…

From 1997 to 2007 I dreamed of having a Sony VX2000 with a Century .3X wide angle lens. This was the go to set up for skateboard and bmx filmers that I looked up to. Some of the most influential videos were shot on this camera set up and I would always go where any other young filmmaker could go to gaze at these beauties of video technology, big box technology stores like Best Buy and Fry’s. The crazy thing was that my friends and I would go to these stores to drool over these cameras about once a month. The camera aisles were always full of tech dads, video producers, families and then us. We would have to wait for the other skaters/bmx’ers to move on before we’d get a chance to get our sweaty hands on these cameras and dream about the videos we’d make if we only had that camera.

Recently, I was in Fry’s in North Houston to pick up some HDMI adapters for a multi-camera production I was working on in San Francisco. I had to go through the camera aisle to get to where all the HDMI cables and accessories were and I was momentarily shocked to see that the state of the camera world had drastically changed. To my dismay, this playground of cameras and imagination had been reduced to an aisle of what seemed like empty coffins. The irony of all this was that while I was away online reading all the reviews, watching all the camera shoot-outs and shopping through tech specs I had missed this dramatic change.


Perhaps, since the people that make up the camera market’s attention is now on mobile devices and that the new craze will be the speed, quality and mobility of producing content straight from a mobile device that fits in your pocket. These truly are wild times in technology growth and adopting new techniques to produce the same type of content I was more than 13 years ago.

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Dear Non-Linear Editor User Experience Designers

An illustrated letter to user experience designers

Over the past few years I’ve discovered that people like myself whom are responsible for creating digital content through the majesty of cinema are challenged with attempting to edit their stories right on the timeline. I’ve often told clients that ‘I’ve been editing so long that I don’t see the waveforms anymore, all I see is the script. Now, wouldn’t that be an immaculate feature?

It’s 2013, so my request for the User Experience Designers at Apple, Avid and Adobe to serve up in their next installment of their tremendous non-linear editing software is to add in the Script Layer.




It’s nothing earth shattering, I know, but it just makes sense for those of us who have to dig through hours of interviews to find the connections and truly construct that invisible layer of meaning to our audiences. I’ve dogged on this new, digital revolution of information many times over, but in this post I now take the position of acceptance for all changes that are to come today, tomorrow and forever after that.

Text Copy:

Dear, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Premiere Pro User Experience Designers,

I’m sure you are already working on this, but the majority of us producing digital media today are responsible for writing, producing, shooting, editing, and delivering content and we have new needs that are not being met. Specifically, we need to be able to cut, trim, paste, slip, slide, insert, overwrite and fit to fill the written word the same way we do in our NLE’s right on the timeline. What we are in such desperate need of today is quite possibly the most important feature editor’s will need in the future: “The Script Layer.” Video, Audio and Script. I know, it is not an earth shattering concept, but it’s definitely a feature I’d pay my hard earned dollars for when considering which software I will use to construct, polish and share my stories.


Chad Treanor

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Design play 5

Finally got around to using that scan of the clipboard and reminded myself of two important things. Caffeine and raising the bar on my video work.

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Lens testing playground

I’m really excited today about testing my micro 4/3s to EOS to PL mount adapter.

Frankenstein to say the least but my theory is that due to the shallow depth of the GH2 lens mount and the length of the PL lens might be a match made in heaven.



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ITs A BOY - © Chad Treanor

This was a really fun project. Kerrisa and I are expecting our first at the end of August and guess what!? It’s a boy! Kerrisa wanted to make this composition as a motivational focal point and I’m really pleased with the way it all turned out.

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Reader Films project: Accion Lending cinematography

Reader Films screen shot from A

I just received a link to the work I did for Reader Films last winter for Accion Lending. I’m really happy with the way the piece was edited together and the look remains constant throughout. We did get some slider shots in there too which is always fun.

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Recent Spot Work Spring 2012

I just wanted to post a short update on some of the work I’ve been producing at Bluwave Productions in Houston lately. I always believed that I was working in a ‘fast paced environment’ at other production/post houses, but this is off the charts. Spot work is so short and so fast that you truly have to be able to bang out award winning spots in a matter of days.

This spot was recorded in a gorgeous home on Galveston island for Star Fine Furniture that I served as the producer, cinematographer and editor.

Star Fine Furniture “Judy”

Star Fine Furniture “Adrienne”

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Reserve Supply Co. One Year Anniversary party

The end of May brought about the first year anniversary of Houston’s own Reserve Supply Co. the source for style and accessories for those that favor hand crafted men’s products. I put together this event video of their festivities of live music, cafe racers, Texas Pizza & Beer and awesome memories for all that were there.

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